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Twice a year, designers and buyers from all over the world gather in Florence, Italy at the Pitti Filati trade fair to select yarns for the coming season. The first industrial cones are ordered for the knitting manufacturers to test. We let ourselves be inspired by the spinning mills’ creative surfaces, which generate a lot of excitement and make us look forward to the new season.


Two weeks later, we find ourselves in the midst of the ordered yarns and revel in colours and ideas. Yarns are combined, knitting patterns are considered and qualities are examined. Packages are bundled up with instructions, yarns and technical descriptions and sent to our European knitting mills. The new OSKA summer surfaces are created with their expertise and technological know-how, together with Design’s creative input. We receive knitted samples and then can choose the most beautiful ones from a variety of patterns for the upcoming summer.


This season’s eye-catcher is the OSKA® Jacket Adene. For this jacket, we combined two Italian fringed yarns which beautifully complement each other to form one very unique favourite piece


A recurring OSKA summer yarn is our fine, high-twist summer cotton which is offered in a new look every year. This summer, we combined crepe cotton with delicate, glossy viscose for fine, flowing stripes. A gorgeous piece – light, summery and easy care. Creativity in knitwear knows no limits, as a thread holds countless design possibilities.

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