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oska seamless knit
seamless knitwear

Material: Seamless Knitwear
Origin: Italy
Mixture: 100% CO

Our Italian seamless knitting shop in the Emiglia Romana region uses high-quality Italian yarns for us. The term “seamless knitwear” means that a sweater or cardigan comes from the knitting machine in one piece, i.e. there are no seams at all. This ensures a high level of wearing comfort and makes the pieces aesthetically pure and gives them a high-quality appeal. We process a superb highly twisted yarn from one of the highest quality yarn mills in the world. Highly twisted means that the yarn consists of several thin cotton threads which are twisted tightly together. This guarantees absolute durability and creates a summery crêpe feel. In order to realize our OSKA specific requirements, we speak directly with the knitting technicians on-site.

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